A - Crack Stitching Kit

A - Crack Stitching Kit

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This Kit Includes
(10) 1/4” (6mm) diameter X 40” long stainless steel helical bars

(1) 3 liter pail of WHO-60 structural repair grout specifically formulated to bond Crack stitching bars into brick and masonry walls
(1) Mortar Gun with 1 nozzle tip
(1) Spiral Mixer
(1) Pointing Tool
(1) Box of re-pointing mortar. Select color from 6 standard colors to match the brick or masonry wall

For technical help, installation, or application please call us at (201) 880-8819 or email us at support@thorhelicalusa.com 

The Product

Thor Helical bars are highly deformed reinforcement rods that are generally used for stitching cracks in walls. The crack stitching process delivers an effective and durable masonry repair by introducing into the wall fully concealed tension straps, which strengthen fractured masonry and brickwork. The helical bar together with WHO-60 grout enhances the tensile, shear and flexural capacity of masonry walls. Once installed it progressively accumulates building loads, dispersing them back into the structure to strengthen cracked walls and provide resilience against further cracking

Product Data

    • Diameter: ¼” (6mm)
    • Length: 40” or Custom Cut lengths up to 80″.
    • Material: Type 304 and 316* Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel
    • Standard Vertical Spacing: 12” to18” O.C. or as determined by Engineer
    • Standard Horizontal Spacing: 20” min. on either side of cracks being stitched
    • Depth of slot in wall joint : 1½ "
    • Available for sale in packs of 50
      *custom order

    Features and Advantages

    • Structural integrity.Helical design distributes loads uniformly over a large surface area and reinforces the masonry construction
    • Cost effective and easy to install. Installs into the mortar fully concealed, and preserves the appearance of the structure
    • Corrosion Resistant bars.Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel offers superior corrosion resistance and it more reliable than crack injection methods
    • Patented manufacturing process results in consistent uniform helix configuration (U.S. Patent 7,269,987)
    • Identification of product source.“Thor” name printed on each tie for easy identification and inspection
    • Preservation of building design. Permanent solution that restores the original aesthetics of the building and reduces likelihood of further cracking nearby.
    • Environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable solution preferred by Architects and Engineers that prevents disruptive taking down and rebuilding.